Software development

We offer creation of web, desktop and mobile applications from the analysis of your requirements through the implementation, testing to the management of the application.

How do we proceed with software development?

Obtaining materials for creation

At a personal or online meeting, we will suggest the right solution for your application and agree on the details, including requirements and functionality.

Application development

During the development, we work within the agile SCRUM methodology, where you will always have information about the status of application development and the implementation of any new requirements.

Application testing

We guarantee the correct functionality of our applications. That's why we thoroughly test our applications, which you can be with, especially if the nature of the application requires it.

Application maintenance

After handing over the application, we are able to take care of the application and monitor it according to your requirements, which may change or increase over time.

The right software works for you ...

Completion of requirements

Throughout the development, we are ready to implement new or changed requirements for running software or applications.

Support and documentation

We thoroughly document the application or software for you and provide you with support during the operation of the application in operation.

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